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February 28, 2020  

The Culture Builders Burst – the challenge of remote working

February 28, 2020

Right now, many companies are facing up to the challenge of temporarily changing how their people work – putting in place travel bans and remote working requirements as part of their efforts to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Like a snow-day, the novelty of the situation soon wears off, and people across the globe (particularly in China and Hong Kong, where people have been facing this situation far longer) are struggling to make the situation work. Put simply, most of us just don’t know how to work effectively outside of the office. 

We’ve dedicated this week’s podcast (and some of our wider sharing with the business community) to this area – Jane, Chris and the team have been producing support materials for organisations wanting to help people remain connected, positive and effective. In this burst we share some quick tips and thinking to get people into the right mindset for remote working and virtual collaboration.

There’s more to come on this – we are determined to do our bit and help people in this difficult period. Keep an eye on our social feeds for more tips and tools, and take a moment to sign up to our upcoming web-cast on this topic.