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November 8, 2022  

The Culture Builders Deep Dive – Creating a Culture of Financial Wellbeing

Organisations, quite rightly, are very proactive in providing mental wellbeing support to their employees. Perhaps less so with physical wellbeing… but even worse when it comes to financial wellbeing. On this note, as we enter the ‘Talk Money’ week and there’s a raised focus on this area, Jane caught up with one of the UK’s leading financial wellbeing consultants – Emma Waller – to look at how organisations can make money-sense a cultural differentiator.

Emma is a Financial Wellbeing Consultant with extensive experience in developing financial content across private, public and voluntary sectors, designing and delivering financial wellbeing programmes for commercial clients and charities. Her steer for how organisations can support their people when it comes to money matters hits the perfect note – balancing the need for frugality and sensible planning, with the importance of reward and ‘spending to save’.

Her view is that this needs to be an area that more organisations take an active approach to – talking to their teams about money, giving advice and making it a shared activity – something Emma makes good use of when she contributes to Tuddl.

October 15, 2022  

The Culture Builders Burst - Flex Working Take-aways

Jane caught up with our Head of Programmes, Owen Cook, who recently delivered a taster webinar to share our latest thinking around the hugely topic of flex working. On this podcast he shares an overall structure for developing a consistent, sustainable road-map for an organisation's way forward.

Plenty of practical ideas to get you thinking and open up wider conversations within your organisation to progress your own future of work planning.

September 8, 2022  

The Culture Builders Deep Dive – Making the Four Day Week Work

“Four day working week ahead” shout all the headlines at the moment. But, as many are finding out, the reality of a truncated working pattern is far from easy. Jane got a chance to talk to David Taylor, the Group Commercial Director for Costain, who shared with her his experience of changing from a five to a four day week.

The move was part of his search for a ‘quality of life upgrade’ but, when he trialled it, David found it was anything but – working a four day week just shifted the work into the weekend and pressurised the rest of the working week. It took a more fundamental change from David to get on track – using the muscle of Trust, and the skill of effective delegation to make appropriate space.

On the podcast, he talks about the need to correctly message people about the intent, to manage expectations, and for the individual to deliver the proof that it can work. It’s a privilege, not a right, for David. He also shares the side benefit for others - how stepping back actually gives others a chance to step in and take more responsibility and grab learning opportunities. A great listen for anyone thinking of moving to a shorter working week.

December 7, 2021  

The Culture Builders Deep Dive – Flex in the new world of work

There is, without a doubt, a huge, global desire to remove the nine to five working patterns. But, to be balanced, it’s been on the way out for a number of years… but slowly and with great effort by a few determined people.

In that vein, meet Emma Cleary – Founder of Flexibility Matters, an organisation that’s been specialising in placing candidates that are looking for flexible working patterns. In Emma’s own words, it’s been a tough sell for many years. But, for her, the rollercoaster cart has reached the top of the climb, and now is hurtling along the tracks.

Why? Because we’ve all proved, conclusively, that flex working… works. We got some time with Emma recently to talk more about this, and get her views on the benefits (which have always been evident to some) of employing people that don’t adhere to the traditional patterns. Also, linked to this, is the trawl for talent and the attraction factors that an organisation needs to demonstrate.

In short, it’s a rich conversation between her and Chris!

October 25, 2021  

The Culture Builders Burst – putting numbers to the impact of the pandemic

During the early autumn of 2021, The Culture Builders commissioned an independent research project to look at the impact of the pandemic on organisations across the UK, and beyond. The aim was to identify the key factors that have been impacted (positively and negatively by the Lockdown and restrictions, and to chart out how this impact differs across organisations.

The inevitable results demonstrated that areas such as engagement, talent development and culture have all been impacted (but more deeply than first thought). But the research told a story of two situations – smaller companies have been harder hit, but are more ready for the next phase, whereas larger organisations feel less impacted, but are still very much in the planning and exploration stage of their response.

In this Burst episode, Chris Preston shares the top line summary, and his take on the findings – plus he shares the key factors that HR professionals believe will be the must-have traits for leaders taking people forward in this new post-pandemic poly-working world.

You can get a copy of the White Paper here.

June 11, 2021  

Welcome to poly-working – meeting a myriad of needs

Since Jane and Chris developed the thinking behind the concept of Poly Working, the team has been inundated with requests for conversations, support and ideas. The notion of a multi-faceted approach to the return to work, and beyond, is a compelling call to action that challenges the overly simplistic remote working structures that some organisations are looking to implement.

In this podcast, they open up the idea, and share how organisations are finding success as they find their way in the new world of work. There’s no one easy solution, and the guidance focuses more on conversations, connections and complexity. If we are to succeed in building a more balanced working life for everyone then we need to plan carefully as we release the pressure from the ‘elastic stretched taut’ that has been all our lives for the last 18 months. As ever, it’s a podcast that’s full of stories, advice and lessons learnt.

You can also access the White Paper on poly-working HERE.

March 4, 2021  

The Culture Builders Deep Dive - working with purpose at the heart of the culture

Selina Hales, founder of Glasgow-based Charity, Refuweegee talks to Owen Cook about managing, leading and looking after staff, volunteers, and yourself in a high-purpose environment, where people pour themselves into their work.

The conversation brings lessons in working towards unachievable goals and developing a symbiotic relationship with your people in order to continue to perform under difficult circumstances. If this one doesn't give you goosebumps at some point, we don't know what will.

This was recorded pre-pandemic.

March 4, 2021  

The Culture Builders Deep Dive - Leadership in the charitable sector

In this episode, our Head of Programmes, Owen Cook, talks with Diana Jupp, the CEO at Pancreatic Cancer UK - the Charity leading on raising awareness of this type of cancer and providing support to patients and families affected by it. Diana talks about the challenges that working in a charity so closely linked to loss brings to her and the team.

During the course of the conversation Diana shares her insights on maintaining culture whilst growing an organisation, the difficulty of finding the right balance between investment and delivery when you have limited resources, and what to watch out for in your people when they are driven by purpose, possibly to the point of burnout.

This podcast was recorded pre the pandemic.

March 4, 2021  

The Culture Builders Deep Dive - keeping an eye on the talent ball

How do you maintain culture, connection and performance in your organisation when you add talent? In this episode, Hilary Wells - HR Director for Hawkeye - talks to Owen about managing and developing people to achieve high-performance.

Hilary shares her insights on recruiting people during phases of rapid growth, in contexts ranging from family-owned, to truly global businesses and dealing with the resulting shifting dynamics.

January 28, 2021  

The Culture Builders Deep Dive – Talent in the new reality

Kellie McSorley, Founder of  SILK Search and The SET joins Jane Sparrow to discuss the current and emerging talent landscape that organisations are experiencing. Her insight is both deep and broad – bringing in a number of perspectives that point to the emerging direction that organisations will be taking as they look for the next wave of senior leaders.

In a pandemic and hopefully post-pandemic world, new skills are going to be critical as companies look to on-board people who bring a strong mix of ‘soft skills’ that enable them to effectively manage a rapidly evolving workplace. Placed as she is in the thick of the search for talent, Kellie talks fluently about the immediate Executive talent needs and what is being seen on the horizon. A compelling listen.

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