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November 8, 2022  

The Culture Builders Deep Dive – Creating a Culture of Financial Wellbeing

November 8, 2022

Organisations, quite rightly, are very proactive in providing mental wellbeing support to their employees. Perhaps less so with physical wellbeing… but even worse when it comes to financial wellbeing. On this note, as we enter the ‘Talk Money’ week and there’s a raised focus on this area, Jane caught up with one of the UK’s leading financial wellbeing consultants – Emma Waller – to look at how organisations can make money-sense a cultural differentiator.

Emma is a Financial Wellbeing Consultant with extensive experience in developing financial content across private, public and voluntary sectors, designing and delivering financial wellbeing programmes for commercial clients and charities. Her steer for how organisations can support their people when it comes to money matters hits the perfect note – balancing the need for frugality and sensible planning, with the importance of reward and ‘spending to save’.

Her view is that this needs to be an area that more organisations take an active approach to – talking to their teams about money, giving advice and making it a shared activity – something Emma makes good use of when she contributes to Tuddl.